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Key featuresThe Internet of Things (IOT) is revolutionizing HealthCare

Wearable & Sensors

Within a few years of its inception, the Internet of Things has had a noticeable impact across many industries, including healthcare. Healthcare technology has advanced in every aspect, be it activity tracking, medication, research, communication or data management. IoT is playing an important role in each of these areas, individually as well as in unifying them into complete solutions.
The biggest innovation in healthcare technology in the recent past has been the development of wearable devices and sensors. Both technologies have varied applications, each of which promises to redefine the dynamics of the healthcare industry.

Thanks to the Internet of Things, personal health has not just improved but evolved into a full-fledged dimension of healthcare. People are able track and manage their health through devices and mobile apps.
These solutions are especially useful for senior citizens and physically disabled people as the need to travel for tests and diagnosis has now been eliminated.
Besides health tracking and monitoring, technology has made personal healthcare viable with facilities like communication and data sharing tools with doctors, personalized coaching through software, and virtual health communities.

Medical Data Management

There is a massive influx of healthcare data through new sources like apps, devices, sharing platforms etc. IoT based tools like EHR and HIE help in proper segregation and analysis of this raw data. Cloud computing and Big Data technologies play an important role in this task.

As the name suggests, Electronic Health Records (EHR) are the digestible versions of traditional medical files. Storing these records in the cloud enables easy sharing and analytics by doctors, patients, and researchers.
In Health Information Exchange (HIE) programs, patient data is collected from various sources and shared among medical service providers like doctors, insurance companies, government agencies etc. It allows for collaborative working and reduces duplication of efforts.

IoT applications in healthcare are increasing at a rapid pace. There is a clear shift towards acceptance of this new technology by doctors and patients alike. Hence, it won’t be an overestimation to predict that, with more sophisticated devices and software, the Internet of Things can potentially revolutionize the healthcare industry.

e-Health-Connect provides inovativ solutions that build toward a more efficient medical landscape.
Developing IoT platforms that enables continuous, connected and configurable monitoring of biometrics, we are leading the way toward the future of healthcare.

The computer is the most remarkable tool that we have ever built. The most important thing now is to put it in the hands of as many people as possible.
— Steven Jobs

our missionprovide the right care, at the right time, wherever a patient lives.

The ability to provide "the right care, at the right time, wherever a patient lives" is the dream of any professionnel implicated in healthcare.

Today, this dream becomes true! Wireless sensors are being integrated into medical devices, with the capability to remotely measure and monitor a host of physiological parameters—including heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, weight, temperature, oxygen saturation, activity, sleep quality, blood electrolytes, fetal heart rate, uterine contractions, and a wide and growing array of biomarkers.
Our goal is to facilitate the adoption of Assistive Technology by enabling wireless low-power communication between devices and services that foster safe, healthy and independent living conditions for the disabled or elderly. In addition to Assistive Technology, e-Health-Connect applications in the health and fitness domains can address several other market segments and needs.

The e-Health-Connect experts help consumers and organizations implementing applications for chronic disease monitoring, personal wellness and safety monitoring or personal fitness monitoring.

Our servicesOur strength is our integrated approach to developing complete solutions for the healthcare


Chronic Disease Monitoring

Chronic diseases encompass a wide range of health problems including diabetes, asthma, heart diseases and sleep disorders. In many cases, chronic diseases require some kind of health monitoring, especially in the later stages of the disease progression.
"e-Health-Connect" implements such monitoring platforms for "nursing home" as well as for "hospitalization at home" services.

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e-Health-Connect Chronic Disease Monitoring

Personal Wellness Monitoring

Personal Wellness Monitoring concerns the person’s activity and safety. This area mainly focuses on individuals age 65 or older, but this technology will find applications for the general population. The Personal Wellness Monitoring application presented in this study shows several devices that would be used in managing the care, safety and activity of the residents in an assisted living facility. The information securely collected by these devices is centrally managed and analyzed.
It is in such scenarios that "e-Health-Connect" can provide solutions addressing the needs of the medical staff and the patients..

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e-Health-Connect Personal Wellness Monitoring

Personal Fitness Monitoring

Personal fitness is also a market segment showing high potential for use of wireless sensor technology both in the home and in health fitness centers.
"e-Health-Connect" develops a large variety of devices and solutions in order to accommodate the growing fitness market.

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e-Health-Connect Personal Fitness Monitoring

Any company that dismiss the Internet of Things risk getting left behind.
— Jared Newman

Technical DataOur operational skills and technical competences are our major assets


Using reliable sensors
and monitoring various parameters

Our latest IOT Platform allows the monitoring and the data analysis of more than 15 medical sensors. New sensors may be easily added. We help you selecting the ones you need depending on the biometrics parameters you want to monitor and to analyse.
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Implementing network connection
Respecting Security challenges

IoT Platform must provide a secure way to connect devices and applications to the cloud. We give you access to IoT Platform providing the needed authentication tokens for the connectivity.
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Designing dashboards
Operational Dashboards

An Operational Dashboard displays the data gathered from multiple sensors. We can develop and customize for you operational dashboards that monitor real-time data and send out alerts in case of deviations from acceptable standards.
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Organizing data analysis and predictive algorithms
Business Intelligence Dashboards

Analytical dashboards provide an analytical view of present and historic data, and act as a barometer to the essential health parameters. We assist you developing intelligent dashboards in order to predict possible future events and suggest event-based solutions.
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Contact usWe can deliver a competitive advantage to your HealthCare organization

Our latest IOT Platform allows the monitoring and the data analysis of more than 20 biometrics parameters for an unlimited number of patients. These performances makes e-Health-Connect experimental IOT platform one of the most promising e-Health solution in the market.